During the Second World War, thousands of Jewish refugees who had fled Nazi oppression were imprisoned in the United Kingdom and sent to work in prison camps in Canada. Using a large archive of never-released audio interviews, Monuments to a Disappearance tells the story of these prisoners and considers how their experiences connect to those of contemporary refugees.




Nate Lavey (born, 1985) is a video journalist and filmmaker. He was born in New Hampshire and lives in New York City. He has worked for National Public Radio, the Jewish Daily Forward, and The New Yorker. He has covered social struggle in the aftermath of the Tunisian revolution, student uprisings in Quebec, and depleted nuclear production facilities in New York City. He has received awards from the Deadline Club, Center for Community and Ethnic Media, and the National Press Photographers Association.


Sarah Mortimer is a film producer and photographer working in Toronto and New York. She has produced visual content for clients such as CNN’s Great Big Story, The Texas Observer, CBC Arts, Conde Naste and more. In her personal body of work, Sarah is primarily interested in exploring the intimacy of female friendships, the effects of trauma on development and the curious nuances of the human mind. She is currently at work on a short documentary about a woman named the Queen of Rikers.